Bike Juice

Bike Juice is a versatile concentrate which can be used undiluted as a degreaser or diluted for rapid removal of soil and other ride grime.

RIDE MECHANICBIKE JUICE is a degreaser when applied directly to contaminated surface and then rinsed off. If diluted it functions as a precision cleaner. One product, two options.

How to use video on YOUTUBE.

BIKE JUICE is an Australian made product to help riders to clean up their bikes quickly and easily. When used as direct spray it is specifically designed to cut through grease, oil, and heavy ride grime on all bike parts in particular the drivetrain.

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Avaqua is a multi-purpose cleaning spray and polish which leaves no straking or residue upon evaporation.

Avaqua is a multi-purpose dewatering fluid and cleaner for use on any bike. Particularly useful on disc rotors and rim brake surfaces, to prepare surfaces for sticker and bar tape adhesion and to clean oil or grease spills. Dries rapidly after cleaning and leaves no sticky residue. Safe to use on carbon, rubber and alloy parts.

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ZALISH. Highly effective ‘surface active’ product for cleaning and coating surfaces to leave a protective film.

Most objects that we see do not themselves emit visible light but reflect incident natural sunlight and artificial light. The reflection of light can be roughly categorised into two types of reflection: specular relection is defined as light reflected from a smooth surface at a definite angle, and diffuse reflection, which is produced by rough surfaces that tend to reflect light in all directions (as illustrated below).

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Pressure Spray Bottle

High quality industrial 1 litre pressure spray bottle with adjustable nozzle. Suitable for high speed delivery of BIKE JUICE and AVAQUA to localised areas for improved cleaning performance.

TECHNICAL DATA: Liquid Capacity: 900ml; Max working pressure: 3 bar (44 psi); Bottle material: Polyethylene; Pump material: Polyamide; O-ring seals and gasket: VITON

Spare parts are available including VITON seal kit, nozzles, and dip lances

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