Bike Syrup

Exceptionally quiet, Long lasting, Use sparingly, ride extensively

Bike Syrup

Bike Syrup is a long lasting wet film chain lubricant which contains a cushioning additive that coats the metal surfaces inside the links to provide exceptionally quiet drivetrain performance.

Bike Syrup lubricant formulation was designed to last long distances and make the drivetrain run very quiet while providing an external coating which does not attract road grime. It is a viscous consistency and applied sparingly one drop on every 3-6 rollers. The Syrup then slowly penetrates deep into the links to leave a tenacious coating which protect the inside and outside surfaces of the chain. This means the chain runs smooth and quiet over long distance road riding conditions.

Bike Syrup is better than all the other wet fluid chain lubes because it:

  • Enables a very quiet drivetrain – stealth mode.
  • Incorporates cushioning extreme pressure additives which coat the metal surfaces reducing metal-metal wear.
  • Leaves a protective fluid coating on the inside and outside surfaces of the chain rollers, pins and plates.
  • Use a small amount – one drop on every 3-6 rollers.
  • Long lasting – up to 1000km or several weeks.
  • Preferred by long distance road and commuter cyclists.
  • Non-hazardous for easier transport and storage.
  • Proudly created and made in Australia.


  1. Thoroughly degrease and dry sprockets, chainring and chain for best results.
  2. Adjust chain into a commonly used gear ratio.
  3. Locate the joining link as a start point then apply one drop of Bike Syrup on top of every 3 rollers.
  4. Slowly rotate crank backwards for around 20-30 revolutions.
  5. In cold weather or if Syrup seems too thick to penetrate effectively then direct a hot air stream on the rotating chain to assist flow.
  6. Allow to stand 10 minutes to assist lube penetration.
  7. Ride in silence.

A full degrease is best for initial Bike Syrup application to assist the lubricant to penetrate more effectively into the links.

The BIKE SYRUP forms a protective water-repellent fluid coating on both the inner and outer surfaces of the drivetrain. If the gaps inside the chain (between rollers, pins and plates) are packed with the tenacious lubricant it will help prevent dirt and water from wicking into the gaps and increasing friction and wear.

After a wet ride remember to ensure the bike is thoroughly dried, cleaned and lubed to protect against corrosion.

For dry riding conditions it is an option to wipe residue from the surface of the chain with a clean rag prior to riding. The chain will look clean on the outside and is less attractive to dust. The lube remains active on the internal surfaces.

Regular lubrication and wiping the external surfaces of a chain with Bike Syrup will vastly improve drivetrain performance and protection. Without lubricant, or if the drivetrain is ncovered in dirt particles and corrosive contaminants, the result will be damage and excess drivetrain noise.


The extreme pressure additives in BIKE SYRUP are designed to coat and bond to the metal surface. This prevents metal-metal contact and reduces noise. It is the fundamental reason the chain runs so quietly.

Lubricant mode of action can be simplified into 2 types: boundary and hydrodynamic. Hydrodynamic lubrication requires a film of liquid to remain in between the two surfaces. Under high pressure loads such as those experienced in between a chain pin and the bushing the liquid lubricant required for hydrodynamic lubrication is squeezed out of the space between the two surfaces and boundary lubrication is required for effective protection.

The best boundary lubricants are long chain molecules with an active end group. The active end group attaches itself to the metal surface and gradually builds up a surface layer. The long chains form a layer of lubricant which separates the metal surfaces and there is no direct contact of the sliding parts. This situation is required for many extreme pressure applications to prevent severe wear or high coefficients of friction and seizure.


To test the longevity and performance of Bike Syup it was used by Dave McAdam on a ride across Australia – from Fremantle to Brisbane. The 4640km ride took 16 days. One application of Bike Syrup was sufficient for Dave to ride 700km. Rider feedback is consistent – Bike Syrup makes the drivetrain very quiet and it lasts a long time. It has ben tested in a wide variety of weather conditions and buildup of road grime is not excessive.

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