Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

Words by Tim Robson, Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

According to Owen Matthews, from Aussie Company Ride Mechanic, lubing a chain isn’t a matter of bunging on whatever you’ve got handy two minutes before a ride.

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Bike Radar

Words by David Rome at Bike Radar

A consistently protected, low friction, yet clean chain is the Holy Grail for many cyclists. The Australian-made Bike Milk from Ride Mechanic claims to offer a self-cleaning, lasting lube that doesn’t attract dirt. Could this be the chain solution we’ve been looking for?

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Flow Mountain Bike Test

Words by Chris Southwood, Flow Mountain Bike

It’s always good to get a chance to support a local start-up in the bike industry. Born and bred in sunny Brisbane, Ride Mechanic produce a range of lubricants, cleaners, body maintenance products and more. It’s all manufactured in south-east Queensland or northern NSW, right down to the labels and bottles. We’ve been trialling their Avaqua, Bike Juice and Bike Milk recently.

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