Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

Words by Tim Robson, Australian Mountain Bike Magazine

According to Owen Matthews, from Aussie Company Ride Mechanic, lubing a chain isn’t a matter of bunging on whatever you’ve got handy two minutes before a ride.

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Bike Radar

Words by David Rome at Bike Radar

A consistently protected, low friction, yet clean chain is the Holy Grail for many cyclists. The Australian-made Bike Milk from Ride Mechanic claims to offer a self-cleaning, lasting lube that doesn’t attract dirt. Could this be the chain solution we’ve been looking for?

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Flow Mountain Bike Test

Words by Chris Southwood, Flow Mountain Bike

It’s always good to get a chance to support a local start-up in the bike industry. Born and bred in sunny Brisbane, Ride Mechanic produce a range of lubricants, cleaners, body maintenance products and more. It’s all manufactured in south-east Queensland or northern NSW, right down to the labels and bottles. We’ve been trialling their Avaqua, Bike Juice and Bike Milk recently.

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Bike Touring

I have used your chain lube, Bike Milk, for several years since being recommended it by the local bike shop. I am very fortunate to travel to different places and am passionate about bike touring. So I have used Bike Milk in widely different conditions including snow (French Alps), rain and red mud (Atherton Tablelands) and hot dry sand (South Australian desert) and can say it works well in all of them.

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Brett Bellchambers Single Speed Superstar

Mid July I raced the Sydney 12hr for the 6th year in a row and managed to pull my 6th SS win in a row and 3rd place overall in the solo classes.

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NRS Champion

These products are the best! Every champion needs support & the reassurance of having reliable equipment to achieve their best.

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Recumbent Rider

Bike Milk chain lube is the best I have ever used. I’m a car less person & have been for 12 years. My bike being my major form of transport.

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Sub Zero Alaska Sub Zero Alaska

The challenge – below zero temps, cold soak, ice and snow – nearly 7 days on the Iditarod Trail is a test for man and machine alike. I used specific low-temp lubes for the hubs, headset and BB to reduce rolling resistance, however I wasn’t happy with the current chain lube offerings. Ride Mechanic had a solution – Bike Cream.

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Tour Divide

The 4418km long Tour Divide race is currently rolling in the US. While the winners hung their bikes up in the shed last week there are still a good 70 or so racers out there testing themselves. As a rookie I managed to finish yesterday in a time of 20 days, 3 hours, 26 minutes.

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Multiple Bikes

In Melbourne Ride Mechanic products are used in house by a number of LBS wrenches but not sold over the counter to consumers. Most carry bits and bops of your products and I simply don’t have time to run around and hunt. I rang the shops you listed and they can only help me with the chain lube.

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NRS Rider

Nothing like a nice clean chain with a few coats of Bike Milk. Never had a problem with Bike Milk even on 5h days. Love how clean my chain always is. God it’s good stuff!!

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Impressed Melbournian

I bought a couple of bottles of Bike Milk back in May of last year and its is by far the best lube I have found to date!

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Lube Envy

By the end of the ride everyone else’s drive train was squeaking and crunching like mad. My drivetrain actually looked quite clean, turned smoothly and was totally silent. Great product… you’ve won me over.

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NZ Testing

I’ve been using Bike Milk for about a year now and I’m really impressed at how it performs in NZ conditions.
My first planned event for the summer racing season was the Whaka100 race in Rotorua in October 2012 (a single 100km loop that uses the majority of the singletrack in the Rotorua Redwoods) so I needed to do some decent endurance rides through the cold NZ winter.

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Past experience with dry lubes

I finally got to clean the Stumpjumper this weekend and applied the Bike Milk. I have to say my past experience with dry lube has left me somewhat underwhelmed, and with the additional effort in terms of having to wait for it to dry normally results in a “it’s just not worth it” feeling.

However, after the first ride this morning I must say I was surprised. It was only a short ride but I swear the chain ran more quietly and seems cleaner than normal, even after some patchy rain. Early days, but so far I’m impressed – and it’s worth the extra application effort.

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Wet Riding

New Chain Tip. When you get a new chain, degrease it in some sort of extreme fashion to remove the factory anti corrosion lube, before you put your 3 base coats of bike milk on.

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ProTeam Mechanic

The Tour of Qinghai Lake is a UCI 2.HC ranked event running from July 5th to July 18th with 13 stages and about 2000km of racing. The event is held at high altitude on the Tibetan Plateau which will mean the Team leaving well before the race starts for high altitude acclimatisation. Navitas Satalyst was the only Australian Team to be invited and the opposition includes Italian world tour Team Lampre-Merida and three pro-continental Teams.

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MCN Bikes

Tim McNaughton

As many cyclists know the sound of a perfectly tuned drive train is like a mechanical symphony it gives the rider a little grin and the confidence to stomp on the pedals. Unfortunately this music can easily change to a ghastly scream of metal being prematurely worn by a poorly lubed chain. For years I tried all types of chain lube dry, wet, wax I’ve tried them all.

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Shop Mechanic

Bike Milk is the most thoughtfully engineered lubricant for a chain I’ve ever come across. It’s a nice and thin lubricant that penetrates the chain and if left for a short amount of time it dries and stays in place. You want the lube in under the rollers and that is where it can get to ‘cos its nice and thin and with the drying action it stays there. Best lube on the market by far. I don’t do anything special to my chain. I’m quite lazy with my own bike. Lube it two maybe three times a week. Quite amazing. This chain has done 4000km at least, maybe 5000km and I only use Bike Milk on it.

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