MCN Bikes

Tim McNaughton


As many cyclists know the sound of a perfectly tuned drive train is like a mechanical symphony it gives the rider a little grin and the confidence to stomp on the pedals. Unfortunately this music can easily change to a ghastly scream of metal being prematurely worn by a poorly lubed chain. For years I tried all types of chain lube dry, wet, wax I’ve tried them all.

I finally settled on a wet Teflon lube, sure it was messy and needed regular cleaning but it kept everything running smooth and quiet. So certain on my dirty grimy solution I swore off dry lubes convinced they were the lazy bikers solution, that is until I was put onto Ride Mechanic Bike Milk.

I was fortunate enough to work directly with the manufacturer sampling prototypes and new products and to my amazement bike milk really is everything it claims to be. I’ve used the magic slippery substance on the road for Grafton to Inverell and numerous six hour MTB enduros including some raced under woeful conditions. Using bike milk according to the manufacturers instructions will result in the best performance you have every experienced. I was so convinced with bike milk I now exclusively use only Ride Mechanic products, you should to.

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