Hoop Goop

Hoop Goop latex concentrate for tubeless tyre puncture repair:

  • Seals holes in tubeless tyres.
  • Latex concentrate formulation made in Australia;
  • Fresh sealant is the best sealant – remove and replace regularly.
  • Remove and replace before important event.
  • 235ml pack size.
  • Only 60ml of fresh Hoop Goop is required for a 29 tyre in a race.

    Hoop Goop

    1. Ensure syringe compatible valves – 3.5mm ID through valve core.
    2. Deflate tyre and remove valve core.
    3. Rotate so that valve is at bottom – sealant flows to bottom under gravity.
    4. Attach syringe to tube and insert into valve stem. Suction on syringe to remove old sealant. Dispose sealant into bin or to sewer. Clean syringe and tube with fresh water.
    5. Add fresh sealant into the 60ml squeeze bottle. Depress tyre to evacuate some air. Connect squeeze bottle to valve stem. Add sealant into tyre via stem. Remove squeeze bottle and clean with fresh water. Clean valve stem with cotton bud and replace valve core.
    6. Inflate tyre and record date fresh sealant was added. Replace and exchange again within a month.

    Sealant failure? Over time the sealant loses its ability to seal holes. After several months the sealant has probably dried to a latex film inside tyre or separated into a useless oily liquid. Fresh sealant is the best sealant. For big event do not hope that your old sealant is going to work. Make sure it works by adding fresh.