Bike Milk

Bike Milk is recommended by elite racers, weekend warriors, mechanics and the best bike shops as their preferred dry film chain lube.

The advanced formulation has a triple action CLEAN-LUBE-PROTECT which means the drivetrain runs very clean and quiet in both wet and dry conditions.

Bike Milk is better than other dry film chain lubes because:

Has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow thoroughout moving chain parts.

After film formation the chain stays exceptionally clean without greasy, sticky, wet residue to attract dust onto the drivetrain surfaces.

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Bike Mix

BIKE MIX has been developed for the extreme demands of ENDURANCE MTB but it is also used by many other riders who want a lube which is proven to last for 12h in dry and dusty off-road conditions.

BIKE MIX is a 4:1 mixture of BIKE MILK (clean and dry) and BIKE CREAM (durable fluid).

Bike Mix is preferred by endurance (over 4h) because it is dry enough to not attract dust but it is also wet enough to last for about for a 200km ride.

It has excellent penetrating-cleaning-degreasing properties to remove grime buildup and assist lube flow thoroughout moving chain parts.

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Bike Syrup

Bike Syrup is a long lasting wet film chain lubricant which contains a cushioning additive that coats the metal surfaces inside the links to provide exceptionally quiet drivetrain performance.

Bike Syrup lubricant formulation was designed to last long distances and make the drivetrain run very quiet while providing an external coating which does not attract road grime. It is a viscous consistency and applied sparingly one drop on every 3-6 rollers. The Syrup then slowly penetrates deep into the links to leave a tenacious coating which protect the inside and outside surfaces of the chain. This means the chain runs smooth and quiet over long distance road riding conditions.

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Bike Butter

Bike Butter is a water and dirt repelling castor oil and PTFE lubricant paste to use on gear and brake cables/levers and on threads to inhibit corrosion.

BIKE BUTTER is a high performance lubricating and protective paste which contains castor oil and high levels of micronised PTFE. It is highly acclaimed for use on threads to reduce corrosion and is perfect to use on gear and brake cables and on shifter and brake lever pivot points. Due to its high “paste” viscosity it can be used where reliable operation is required for extended periods. It repels moisture and stays in place working where it needs to work and keeping dirt out.

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A simple, rugged and accurate stainless steel 10 INCH TOOL compatible with all half inch pitch bike chains, even the narrow 11 speed. There are two versions for measuring either 0.65% (1x chainring) or 0.75% (multiple chainring) chain elongation. It accurately measures the pin-pin (same side) distance over 10 inches (10 links). These improvements offer genuine advantages for accurate measurement.


Excessive wear and elongation of the bushingless bicycle chain can cause damage to sprockets and chainrings which causes inefficiency and potentially dangerous drivetrain slippage.

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