Multiple Bikes


In Melbourne Ride Mechanic products are used in house by a number of LBS wrenches but not sold over the counter to consumers. Most carry bits and bops of your products and I simply don’t have time to run around and hunt. I rang the shops you listed and they can only help me with the chain lube.

Brilliant product range!

I use the Bike Butter for inner cable lube. Best product I’ve used for cable lubrication in the last 25 years. Always used Slick Honey but your product kills it. Zalish with spray head. I ride 2 naked/matt carbon bikes. It works great on those. Bike Juice which is an excellent degreaser and MTB/XC grime cleaner. Avaqua works great on titanium frames (cleans oil and grime off without affecting decals ) and I ride two titanium frames. Also dries chains after degreaser so I can lube and ride without wasting time.

You need get your products onto Melbourne LBS shelves. Easier said than done! It’s too good of a product NOT to introduce and sell to the home mechanic and LBS. A lot of LBS wrenches are using it in house but don’t sell it. Plus you’re missing out on sales.

Cheers and regards,

A. Rodman