Bike Touring


I have used your chain lube, Bike Milk, for several years since being recommended it by the local bike shop. I am very fortunate to travel to different places and am passionate about bike touring. So I have used Bike Milk in widely different conditions including snow (French Alps), rain and red mud (Atherton Tablelands) and hot dry sand (South Australian desert) and can say it works well in all of them.

I used to use Rock n Roll Gold but find your product as good. I attended your demonstration and ordered some Avaqua and Zalish. I have been very happy with both, the Avaqua gives me a new but very useful capability and I now use it on the brakes and gear shifters after every wash. The Zalish is fantastic, far better than any other polish I have ever tried on both carbon and alloy frames, and it cleans as well as polishes. I have quite an old carbon single speed that has had a very hard life, I was delighted to see stains and scratches years old disappear. I was so impressed I almost expected the chips to disappear too. Could you work on that please! Great products, I will keep buying them and as I have six bikes and mostly ride off-road so I will be quite a good customer.

C. Campbell